Friday, January 25, 2008

Agricultural management and Bayesian networks

Via Google Alert I got this link to a blog in Thailand. As far as I can se it is a blog used in a project concerning natural resource management. The blog includes a link to this article:

Participatory decision support for agricultural management. A case study from Sri Lanka
Agricultural Systems, Volume 76, Issue 2, May 2003
J. D. Cain, K. Jinapala, I. W. Makin, P. G. Somaratna, B. R. Ariyaratna and L. R. Perera

The reference is from 2003. The blog mentioned above included it because it has been cited a lot (13 times). If you follow the link to the citations via Google Scholar, there seem to be quite a few interesting applications within agriculture and natural management.

In fact, I found out that the Cain et al. article was one of the examples of applications in agriculture, environment and biology that we listed in connection with the Nina workshop about Reasoning under Uncertainty in Agriculture: Bayesian Networks and Graphical Models. I have referred to this workshop before, but not to the list of references. They might be of interest.

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